Lora Short

BCaBA, Intervention Specialist, Director of Intervention Services

Lora Short is the Director of Intervention Services and has been with ABS since August of 2007.  She started with ABS Cincinnati as a licensed Intervention Specialist and transitioned to a supervisor role in September of 2011.  In July of 2015, Lora transitioned to ABS West Chester.  Lora is from Bryan, OH and currently lives in Madeira with her family.  She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Education; Majoring in Special Education; Mild/Moderate – Moderate/Intensive.   She also completed a Thematic Sequence in Speech Pathology and Audiology and is highly qualified in Reading.  Lora finished course work through the University of North Texas and is a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst.

Lora has been the Secretary of the Young Professionals for Autism since January of 2012; she also serves on a leadership team at Crossroads church, hosting a monthly Special Needs Parent Group.  Lora has participated in Programs Committee for the Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati including Building Safe Communities and Autism Life Lessons workshops.  Lora enjoys spending time with her husband Michael and daughters Emerson and Finley.  Her hobbies include antiquing, snowboarding, decorating, outdoor activities, and shopping for vintage clothing.  Her favorite quote is “Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.” – B. F. Skinner