About ABS

Programs and Services for Children with Autism
and Related Disabilities, with an Individualized Approach.

About ABS

ABS provides full treatment intervention for children with autism and related disabilities. Applied Behavioral Services is also an educational placement program specializing in serving children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder as well as other cognitive and developmental delays.

ABS is an Autism Scholarship Provider and a Jon Peterson Scholarship provider with the Ohio Department of Education and we are proud to offer small classroom ratios, highly individualized curriculum, and behavioral management programs that are all overseen by one of our highly trained BCaBA’s or BCBA’s.

Our treatment programs and classrooms are individualized based upon the assessment and needs of the student. A student may begin our program in a 1-1 or 1-2 setting and then move to our Step-UP Programs where social skills, academics and classroom routine are stressed as a priority.

Applied Behavioral Services is the largest, as well as the number one, private educational placement choice among our families in the greater Cincinnati and Dayton area. Contact us for a tour or more information about all of our programs, class placements, and therapies for your child today.

Children Served Daily

Applied Behavioral Services was established in 1999. ABS has provided over 16 years of intensive intervention, with over 30 years of collective experience with children with special needs. Applied Behavioral Services is a Model Program and leader in the field of autism treatment, with convenient locations in Cincinnati, West Chester, and Dayton, Ohio.

Our Mission

ABS provides a variety of services for families and their children with behavioral and emotional
needs, autism, social and communication deficits, developmental disabilities, and learning
disorders. Our mission is to bring individuals to their highest potential.