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All About ABS

The Autism Scholarship program and the Jon Peterson Scholarship were delveloped by the Ohio Department of Education to give parents with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cognitive Disability, mulit-handicapped the opportunity to receive their education with Certified, Private Providers. Applying for the scholarship is easy! Call and make an appointment to have one of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts guide you through the process today!

Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy is a psychological approach that uses the theory of behaviorism to modify human behaviors as part of a learning or treatment process. Formerly titled behavior modification, Behavior analysts focus on the observable relationship of behavior to the environment to the exclusion of what they call hypothetical concepts. By functionally assessing the relationship between a targeted behavior and the environment, the methods of ABA can be used to change that behavior. Research in applied behavior analysis ranges from behavioral intervention methods to basic research which investigates the rules by which humans adapt and maintain behavior.

The BCBA and BCBA-D are independent practitioners who also may work as employees or independent contractors for an organization. BCBA’s conduct descriptive and systematic behavioral assessments, including functional analyses, and provides behavior analytic interpretations of the results. The BCBA designs and supervises behavior analytic interventions. The BCBA is able to effectively develop and implement appropriate assessment and intervention methods for use in unfamiliar situations and for a range of cases. The BCBA seeks the consultation of more experienced practitioners when necessary. The BCBA teaches others to carry out ethical and effective behavior analytic interventions based on published research and designs and delivers instruction in behavior analysis. BCBAs supervise the work of Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts and others who implement behavior analytic interventions.

ABS accepts most major insurance for speech therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, and Applied Behavior Analysis therapy when covered by your insurance policy. In addition, ABS is a medicaid provider.

ABS is proud to offer home services to help your family with teaching techniques, behavior management, parent trainings, potty training, functional living skills, and home-team trainings. Services are highly individualized and developed by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

ABS offers a year round program that is highly individualized to meet your child’s educational needs. Programming over the summer months will be a continuation of our regular school year in intensity and services offered. Enrollment is also open to the community for students needing that extra boost over the summer to prepare for the school year.

ABS offers speech and language pathology services, behavioral counseling, art therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, social skills groups, and after school 1:1 focus sessions.

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