Understanding Trauma Informed Care

Trauma Informed Care involves understanding the background of your students and their behaviors and reactions to classroom situations. Trauma informed care, in a sense, is shifting your perspective from “what is wrong with you?” to “what happened to you?”   Understanding the physiological reasons for our students’ behaviors helps us not to take their reactions personally. The following steps need to be […]

Career-Based Interventions for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

As children progress through their school years, the thought of what they will do upon graduation is always present. This is even more true for students with autism spectrum disorder. As our society becomes more accepting of neurodiversity, it is even more important that schools and families work together to include career-based interventions as part […]

Ohio Schools Express Love for Staff and Students Throughout February

In the month of February, Applied Behavioral Services, The Learning Spectrum, and New Story Schools of Ohio dedicated time to express their love for their staff members and students. As part of this initiative, staff were given the chance to share what they appreciate about their jobs. We collected an impressive tally of over 150 […]

3 Key Tips for Increasing the Calm at Bedtime and Wake Up Time

Bedtime and wakeup routines can be difficult and dysregulating for children. At bedtime, your child transitions from playtime and being with others, to slowing down, getting in bed, and going to sleep. Waking up means the start of a day that may feel unpredictable to them. Three tips for keeping these times calmer include routine, […]

Token Economy in Action

This blog was written by Erin Taylor, Clinic Manager, and Elisabeth Furlong, Registered Behavior Technician at Applied Behavioral Services in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Elisabeth Furlong, a Registered Behavior Technician, started using a token economy at home with her son to motivate him to complete his chores. His chores consist of helping with vacuuming, dusting, picking up […]