Autism and Sibling Relationships: A Parent’s Guide

Growing up with a sibling shapes who a person becomes, and the sibling bond can be one of the most genuine a person will ever have. Being a sibling means feeling angry, jealous, or annoyed with a person one minute, then laughing, sharing secrets, and fiercely defending them the next. Siblings love and accept each […]

Ohio Schools Celebrate Second Annual End of Year Awards Dinner

New Story Schools Ohio, The Learning Spectrum, and Applied Behavioral Services joined together for the second annual Ohio Awards Dinner on Friday, June 7 in downtown Columbus. Speakers at this year’s ceremony included Dr. Jill Blanchard, Senior Vice President of Operations in Ohio and Jonathan Bicknell, CEO, New Story. A total of 34 winners were […]

Autism in Entertainment: 10 Shows That Show Up for Honest Inclusion

Television is the great escape.  We get to live vicariously and feel all the feels: joy, sadness, frustration, friendship, love, heartbreak, growing pains, success, failure, and perseverance. We experience life through someone else’s lens, all from the comfort of our own homes, seeing a bit of ourselves in the characters we watch. We relate to […]

Fighting the Summer Slide

The last few weeks of the school year are often the most challenging. In addition to student behaviors, spring fever, and end of year exhaustion, many teachers also face the concern of the impending summer slide. It is difficult to look at a group of students who showed so much growth over the past nine […]

How To Use Shaping and Modeling at Home

By Erin Taylor, BCaBA Adopting behavior analysis techniques at home like shaping and modeling can make a significant impact on a child’s behavior and development. Shaping involves rewarding small steps towards a desired behavior, while modeling can be used to show a behavior for the child to imitate. Here are some tips and strategies, rooted […]