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Autism and Sibling Relationships: A Parent’s Guide

Growing up with a sibling shapes who a person becomes, and the sibling bond can be one of the most genuine a person will ever have. Being a sibling means feeling angry, jealous, or annoyed with a person one minute, then laughing, sharing secrets, and fiercely defending them the next. Siblings love and accept each […]

Fighting the Summer Slide

The last few weeks of the school year are often the most challenging. In addition to student behaviors, spring fever, and end of year exhaustion, many teachers also face the concern of the impending summer slide. It is difficult to look at a group of students who showed so much growth over the past nine […]

How To Use Shaping and Modeling at Home

By Erin Taylor, BCaBA Adopting behavior analysis techniques at home like shaping and modeling can make a significant impact on a child’s behavior and development. Shaping involves rewarding small steps towards a desired behavior, while modeling can be used to show a behavior for the child to imitate. Here are some tips and strategies, rooted […]

Extinction Strategies to Use at Home

By Erin Taylor, BCaBA, LaBA Parenting can be both rewarding and challenging, especially when trying to address challenging behaviors in children. Using behavior analytic principles can be a valuable tool for parents to create a positive and supportive environment at home. Let’s explore some extinction strategies, along with essential dos and don’ts, tips for managing […]

Using Music to Build Relationships with Students and Clients

By Hannah Village, MT-BC & RBT, Music Therapist, ABS Dayton As a music therapist working for New Story at Applied Behavioral Services in Dayton, Ohio, I support children with autism spectrum disorder (autism) who face behavioral, communicative, social, and emotional challenges. I use tailored sessions to suit the needs of each client by using music […]

Meet Ben: A Passionate Engineer

Celebrate Autism Awareness & Acceptance Month all April long with us by getting to know our students! Read more about Ben from our Cincinnati Annex and his passion for engineering. Grade: 12th Interests: Construction, STEM, and being helpful to others. Loves to spend time with: His family! Ben has 32 cousins, 6 brothers, and 4 […]

How Paraprofessionals and Teachers Work Together for Student Success

Dr. Jill Blanchard is Senior Vice President of Operations in Ohio where she leads New Story Schools, Applied Behavioral Services and The Learning Spectrum. Paraprofessionals are often the force in our buildings that keep our students going every day, especially in a special education setting. It is important that teachers and paraprofessionals both understand their roles and […]

Meet Stephanie: Clinical Supervisor

March 1 was Employee Appreciation Day! We are celebrating our team members all month long by sharing their stories. Meet Stephanie Habermehl, Clinical Supervisor at Applied Behavioral Services’ Dayton campus. What is your favorite thing about working here? I love that I get to provide educational and behavioral services to children in a small group […]